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Housekeeping Tips
Having a clean house is something we all love and enjoy, but it's the time it takes to make it happen that we don't care for. How much fun is it to take your day off and spend it all on house cleaning? Not something most people would ever look forward to, and I'll bet you feel the same way. With that in mind, here are some quick house cleaning tips to reduce the time and effort.
Have your house cleaning supplies gathered up
One of the biggest time wasters is to run around the house getting your cleaning supplies or whatever else you need to complete what you're doing. Gather your cleaning supplies in one bucket or a cleaning caddy.
Make a house cleaning checklist
Simlpy gather you favorite house-cleaning supplies in a bucket, pail, box, etc. This can dramatically help reduce your time and get the job done faster.
Eliminate the distractions
This may not seem like a big deal, but how many times have you set out to clean your house and then found yourself talking to a friend or family member on the phone? Before you know it's an hour later and you've lost track of what you are doing.
Get rid of the clutter
This is one of those household cleaning tips that really hits home with most people. Trying to clean with clothes and towels on the floor, magazines piled up or dishes everywhere is frustrating at best. Do a quick pick up and make it a goal that this year you'll be house clutter-free. Turn up the
housecleaning music. If you aren't doing this already, you'll be amazed at how much faster cleaning will go when you play fast paced music. Just don't play soft lullabies; you might put yourself to sleep.
These are only a few ways you can clean your house faster. Surely you can think of more exciting and fun ways to personalize your cleaning experience.
House Cleaning Checklist - Do You Need One?
If you're like most people when your house cleaning, it can sometimes be difficult to remember all of the things you want to clean and organize. That's where a house cleaning checklist can really come in handy. Below we're going to list most of the basics for any checklist.
Housekeeping Check List
  • Dishes washed and put away
  • Sinks cleaned, and shined

  • Counters and back splash clean

  • Appliances and cabinet doors wiped and cleaned
Common Areas
  • Floors swept/vacuumed and mopped

  • Trash dumped
  • Sinks cleaned and shined as well as vanity tops

  • Toilet cleaned and disinfected

  • Tub/shower cleaned and disinfected

  • Mirrors cleaned

  • Towels changed

  • Trash removed

  • Floors swept/vacuumed and mopped
Bedrooms/Family Room/Living Room
  • All areas picked up and items put away

  • Bed linens changed

  • All furniture dusted

  • Trash taken out

  • Mirrors and pictures cleaned

  • Electronics dusted

  • Carpet vacuumed
These are only the typical things found on a Sumeshe Maid's basic house cleaning checklist. It can be a very handy tool to use on a regular basis. We highly recommend it for everyone.