Sumeshe Maids and Concierges - Concierge Services
Sumeshe Maids and Concierges - Sumeshe Maid
Our personal concierge service runs on the most basic of premises. People want things done but don't have the time to do them. However, they're happy to pay someone to take care of their business efficiently and with a touch of class. Why not hire a reliable Sumeshe Concierge professional to help keep you and your family organized, run errands, and see to it that business and personal obligations are met.
We will do anything to make our customers happy and if we can’t we know someone who can.
There is a flat rate of $10 to $50 per hour (depending on the job).
seniors and expecting moms receive a %5 discount.
* Pay for a specific amount of time and let us clear your to do list.
Here is a list of just a few of the services we provide
Sumeshe Concierge offers a wide range of services in assisting clients to manage their busy lives. Following are the services available through Sumeshe's Concierge service. Special requests will be taken under consideration as long as they are legal and reasonable and if we are unable to perform a task will find a reliable and professional source who will at no additional coast to you.
Errand Services
  • Dry cleaning/laundry pick/drop off
  • Prescriptions
  • Flower delivery
  • Grocery delivery
  • Beverage/liquor shopping
  • Pick up gifts or decorations
  • Post office/mailing
  • Stock vacation rental prior to arrival
Home Assistance/Waiting Assistance
  • Painting
  • Home organization projects
  • Gather home improvement estimates
  • Open/close homes for the season
  • Suggest home remodeling and repair vendors
  • Pick up mail and newspapers
  • Water plants
  • Accept deliveries
  • Cable/Phone installation
  • Light housekeeping
Research/Support Assistance
  • Referrals to vendors
  • Schedule appointments
  • Reminder service
  • Reservations
  • Consumer research
Child Care
*Baby sitters
*Children's party
*Dr's appointment
*Summer camp prep
*Arts and crafts
*Nesting services
*Nursery decoration
Event Assistance
  • Act as a liaison with party vendors
  • Research/organize party themes
  • Gift ideas/shop for guest gifts/favors
  • Plan menus
  • Invitation ideas and ordering
  • Shop and purchase gifts
  • Locate hard to find items
  • Gift wrapping
  • Unique gift ideas
  • Personalized gift baskets
  • Shop for or return gifts
  • Gift wrapping
  • Ship or deliver gifts
  • Holiday decorating
On the Move
  • Airline ticket arrangements
  • Rental car arrangements
  • Hotel/resort arrangements
  • Destination information
  • Hire a moving company
  • Set up utility accounts
  • Change mailing address
And the list goes on.........