Sumeshe Maids and Concierges - Cleaning Supply Must Haves
Sumeshe Maids and Concierges - Sumeshe Maid
Here is a list of house cleaning supplies every home should have on hand for a complete cleaning
 Customers who have a voucher for service and require cleaning supplies, must pay an additional $10 and your housekeeper will bring everything except a mop
1. Paper towels
2. Small terry cloths
3. Murphy's oil
4. Pledge
5. 409 or Fantastic all purpose liquid cleaner
6. Comet
7. Clorox or Lysol
8. Windex
9. Easy Off
10. Brillo pads
11. Dishwshing liquid
12. Broom, vacuum, mop, brush
13. Bucket
14. Sponge
Disclaimer: Sumeshe Maids and Concierges is not responsible for damage caused by cleaning products not provided by our company.